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Promotional products are a popular marketing tool in the business world.  Choosing the right one can be hugely powerful in getting your name to stand out to all the right people.  The most effective promotional products have existed for quite some time now, but it is important to think about how your promotional products can stand out from everybody else`s.  Don`t be afraid to establish your own uniqueness by playing around with some different approaches.  Taking a risk could turn out to be really beneficial as long as you take the right risk and select just the right unique and original product.

promotional products

The following are several examples:

Custom Ice Packs

Ice packs are quite a common item in the healthcare industry.  One would usually keep them in their first aid kits, and most, if not all, medical professionals and establishments would have them as well.  Your potential customers in need of an ice pack would definitely be displaying your branding on their face!

Phone Mounts

Promotional phone stands and related products have existed for a great deal of time now.  Smartphones are indeed found practically everywhere.  Nevertheless, there are still lots of different ways to draw out the originality of your product.  One wonderful product that is magnetized to the air vent is an in-car phone.  It permits the user to listen to music or a GPS while driving.  Your product will be in clear view of the users the whole time!

Bluetooth Speaker

The advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that they use their own technology to play music from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that do not even need to be in the same room!  One excellent idea is to include a microphone to permit the user to make phone calls.  Another great idea is to select a water-resistant option so they can be out and about in wet weather or sing along in a shower.  Your branding will be just about anywhere they may go!

Personalized Power Bank

Power banks are greatly popular these days!  These practical, portable devices are absolutely essential for those with a smartphone or tablet especially if they are heavily used, as they can keep devices charged wherever they go.  To make it even more vital, how about selecting one that gives more than one charge on a single charge of the power bank?

Customized Multi-Adapter

Customized adapters that charge more than one device at once are a wonderful idea since they offer more practicality than power banks.  To make your name stand out even further, how about getting one that lights up around your logo whenever they are in use?

Customized Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have been a common promotional product for quite some now, especially in the food service and healthcare industries.  Nevertheless, there are still lots of different ways to make yours be really original.  Choosing a custom shape and opting for colors that accurately mirror your brand even outside of the logo printing are quite effective.  Rather than choosing the standard liquid, make yours different by choosing a misting sanitizer.

Promotional Selfie Key Chain

As selfie sticks are hugely popular these days and a great number of people will already have one, using them for promotional purposes might not be that successful.  However, a product that lets people carry around the selfies they take will be a much better bet and be more effective in yielding real results.  Promotional selfie key chains are a wonderful, portable choice since they give people the option to use Bluetooth to take a photo that goes straight into their key chain.

Custom Metal Bookmarks

Metal bookmarks have great promotional value since they can be used via a wide range of means at your disposal such as meetings, conventions, trade shows, free giveaways, employee incentives, social events, and much more.  They also have strong marketing potential since they are quite popular in a wide range of industries such as libraries, educational institutions, funeral homes, to name a few.  Another huge advantage is that your name, your logo, and your brand will forever be on display for anyone to see since they are entirely indestructible.  

Metal Bookmarks


As you can see, there are many different types of products that have strong promotional value since they can be used in a wide variety of industries.  With each of these products, there are countless ways to make your product absolutely unique and original, so therefore, making your name really stand out and reaching all the right people.  They are an excellent tool to help you grow your business in today’s market.   

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